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Guangzhou Demobio Technologies Co., Ltd is located in High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Guangzhou Science Park HuangHuaGang, specializing in public safety rapid detection products, on-site safety products and supporting solutions for the development, manufacture and marketing services, is the Ministry of Public Security Bureau Narcotics fielded product suppliers. Main products are: drug / precursor chemical detection products, explosives detection products, toxic gas detection products, forensic / trace / DNA scene investigation products, ancillary products site survey testing, on-site protection products as well as other public safety field testing products and supplies. By providing high-quality products, excellent service, professional public safety site rapid detection solutions, Guangzhou street by the police, the judiciary, government testing agency widely welcomed and praised. 

After several years of actively explore and forge ahead, Guangzhou street has formed a complete product line of public safety rapid detection and stable sales channels, with a sound technical support and after-sales service system. The company has a number of independent brands and proprietary products, using international advanced detection technologies and methods, including drug-spot test box, easy to detect drug manufacturing site survey boxes, explosion site rapid detection of cases, forensic scene investigation cases, traces of the scene exploration boxes, DNA site survey boxes, narcotics rapid detection reagent plate precursor chemicals test strip / test tube, explosives rapid test strip, packaging bags of evidence and physical evidence package bottles / cans and other packaging supplies evidence extracted; also the agent for a variety of well-known imported products, including GE FTA cards, RIGAKU drugs and precursor chemicals detection, explosives detector, Dräger poisonous gases on-site testing equipment and protective clothing, protective masks and other protective equipment site.

In the increasingly fierce competitive environment, Guangzhou street in the business continues to expand at the same time, and always adhere to the "pragmatic, innovative, progressive" philosophy and the "heavy customer demand quality and credibility," the purpose, will, as always committed to the development efficient and practical public safety rapid detection products and supporting solutions, continuous innovation, to meet the different needs of various users.

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